Banggood 16 15 11 10 7Pcs 6 18 30 50mm Diamond Coated Drill Bit for Tile

Caractéristiques:●Always use lubrication (water), otherwise diamond core drill will burn.●This coated bit removes a complete circle from glass, tiles, marble, granite, ceramic or other.●Long service life, durable●Start your hole diagonally, make a round trace and then hold straight.●Can be used with a standard electric drill.Application: suitable for iron, welding, ordinary diamondNote: Be sure to spray continuously.Name:7 10 11 15 16pcs


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Faace Tired Gel Face Mask 100ml

A radiance boosting face mask.This lightweight; gel can be applied daily or weekly to transform skin from dull and tired into glossy glowing (no sleep required). Enriched with a blend of caffeine; glycerin; vitamin C; lactic acid plus rosehip; this helps to perk up; moisturise; add radiance; gently exfoliate; brighten; strengthen keep plump. Need we say any more? Vegan Crueltyfree


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Lozza Sl1872w580n76 Sunglasses Violet Homme One Size male

Lunettes de soleil unisexe Lozza Sl1872W580N76.Matériel:Injecté.Couleur:Violet.Verre:Or multicouche marron.Lente Puente Patilla(Mm):58 15 140.Le genre:Unisexe.Couleur de la monture :Viola Sfumato Specchiato Lucido.


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