Hansgrohe Talis E mitigeur lavabo 71712990 5 l min, sans garniture de

hansgrohe Talis E mitigeur lavabo 71712990 EcoSmart Comfort Select zone 110 Projection 112 mm Jet normal Débit 5 l min Système de mélange en céramique Limite de température réglable Type de raccordement Tuyaux de G 3 8 Taille de DN 15 P IX 28941 IO


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Kose Make Keep Mist EX Trial 40ml

Brand from Japan: Kose. A fluffy mist that makes it difficult for makeup to come off just by spraying a fine on the finish of makeup. Mini size is convenient to carry. How to use: It is a 2 layer type. Shake container 10 times or more before use. Please it to your Remove about 15 cm face, close eyes mouth, evenly over entire face. 5 6 push is a guide. After spraying, dry it without touching skin. When drop it, please a cleansing oil.


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Kanebo Lunasol Airy Lucent Powder 15g 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Kanebo. Another veil on shiny skin. A thin film loose powder that gives your a refined appearance while making most of glossy expression. How to use: Adjust amount with back of hand or a tissue before putting on face. After use, set partition sheet puff on net close lid properly. If of puffs is getting smaller, can hold take container upside down.


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ETVOS Night Mineral Foundation 5g

Brand from Japan: ETVOS. For smooth baby skin before sleep or during the day. Night Mineral Foundation contains mineral components. Vitamin prevents oxidation while healthier sleeping. foundation of Skin Care Idea. So it's safe to wearing it. Beautiful face. A new is born. Of course, it is composed of natural ingredients, so it won't block pores. Cleansing that tends to break barrier is also unnecessary. As a treatment powder holidays. As a makeup


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Ululis Water Conc Moist Shampoo Sweet Sabon 340ml

Brand from Japan: ululis. Moisture content 15% (pursuit of overwhelming moisturizing amount). Search for the ideal of water in your hair. Moisturizing with a moisture of 15%. By wrapping inside hair, it leads to new moisturized 90% or more are retaining ingredients repair (condensed ingredients). Focus on power of water. or is composed of soluble ingredients. For fresh high content. 10 kinds of beauty carefully selected blended. The component soaks


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Shiseido Integrate Super Keeping Powder SPF 15 PA 6.5g

Brand from Japan: Shiseido. It is interesting to block excess oil by sucking sebum. By simply layering it quickly, you can create a flat, beautiful skin with no pores or texture. It be used for finishing or retouching. With puff. How to use: After adding powder to the puff, spread it so that it slides lightly. If amount is small, sufficient UV protection effect cannot be obtained. It is recommended to in combination a makeup base UV protection.


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Dr.Select Organic SPA LBS Cleansing 150g

Brand from Japan: Dr.Select. The LBS organic cleansing gel which gives skin basical power by increasing probiotic upon washing your face. A general facial cleanser are made with the idea based on eradication, antibacterial, sterilization, those cleansers washes away or decrease an important protects skin, great damage to skin. Cleansing of select SPA researched developed in order to increase while culture, selected materials hot spring water calm


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Faace Tired Gel Face Mask 100ml

A radiance boosting face mask.This lightweight; gel can be applied daily or weekly to transform skin from dull and tired into glossy glowing (no sleep required). Enriched with a blend of caffeine; glycerin; vitamin C; lactic acid plus rosehip; this helps to perk up; moisturise; add radiance; gently exfoliate; brighten; strengthen keep plump. Need we say any more? Vegan Crueltyfree


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Shiseido Prior Pressed Powder SPF 15 PA 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Shiseido. This pressed poweder gives a smooth luster to the skin, soften age signs such as wrinkles, spots, dullness etc by its highlight effect. Just by applying with puff, gloss fineness, makeup are much enhanced. For finish of or for fixing makeup.


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Dr.Select CO2 Gel Pack Set 21 pcs

Brand from Japan: Dr.Select. 15 minutes intensive care with peeled carbonated pack. Foaming continuous by original gel manufacturing method, keeps moisture beauty ingredients firmly on the skin. Containing such as placenta extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid luxuriously. Furthermore, brightening prevents spots freckles caused by sunburn leads to a shiny How to use: Agent 1 agent 2, open bag of CO2 cut, squeeze to cup. Mix well, using a spatula, mix


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