Stella Seed Amino Mason Moist Night Cream 120g

Brand from Japan: Stella Seed. Moisture pack penetrates repairs damage while you sleep. For hair that suppresses bed habits in the morning is easy to manage style next morning. It is a non sticky gel cream type is to use, so it can be used as a daytime treatment. wet or dry hair. How to use: Dispense an appropriate amount onto palm of your hand, apply it to areas of concern, evenly throughout Can it on both


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La glace Q10 Glaire White Therapy Mask 10 pcs

Brand from Hong Kong: la glace. Contains whitening moisturizing nutrients, providing sufficient energy to skin cells, enhancing brightening anti oxidant ability. Works to improve tone conditions. How to use: Apply once or twice per week to the thoroughly cleansed face. Leave mask on for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse off with water.


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NAKEUP FACE Babypink Toneup Cushion 15g

Brand from South Korea: NAKEUP FACE. Benefits: Tones up your skin while providing coverage for large pores wrinkles without smudging or leaving sticky residues. Contains Rice Ferment Filtrate Hyaluronic Acid to brighten keep moisturized. 24 hour Skin Irritation Test completed offers UV protection of SPF50 PA . How to use: Pat a proper amount gently onto the enclosed puff blend naturally.


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SANA Suhada Kinenbi Bare Skin Powder 10g

Brand from Japan: SANA. Skincare powder that can be used for 24 hours a day. You sleep with this makeup effect still on! Use it to finish your in the morning or as skincare at night. Contains transparent pearl. Nude pink color pale coverage. Free of mineral oils or tar based pigments. How to use: Take an appropriate amount on puff apply it to skin.


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Pdc Pidite Pore Cover Base SPF 15 PA 25g

Brand from Japan: pdc. With this one product, you can handle makeup smudging, oiliness, dullness. This is an pore core base that use on your entire face. Fills in uneven or open pores for an look. Formulated with cover powder. Apply before foundation a smooth, even, poreless finish doesn't caked on. The absorbing also catches sweat to prevent unwanted shine. At the same time, moisture veil hydrates skin hours to keeping looking beautiful. pink colored


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Label Young Shocking Hair Sleeping Cream 100g

Brand from South Korea: Label Young. A hair treatment provides intensive nourishment by coating your with protein extracted egg. The floral scented sleeping cream does not require rinising off since it is quick absorbing, easy application allows to apply the before or whenever wish. How to use: 1. Use after shampoo, slightly dry cream. 2. Gently massage go to sleep.


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Ululis Water Conc Moist Shampoo Sweet Sabon 340ml

Brand from Japan: ululis. Moisture content 15% (pursuit of overwhelming moisturizing amount). Search for the ideal of water in your hair. Moisturizing with a moisture of 15%. By wrapping inside hair, it leads to new moisturized 90% or more are retaining ingredients repair (condensed ingredients). Focus on power of water. or is composed of soluble ingredients. For fresh high content. 10 kinds of beauty carefully selected blended. The component soaks


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ACSEINE Skin Protector AD 15g

Brand from Japan: ACSEINE. Highly protective petrolatum base. This moisturizing cream shores up the sebum membrane, which tends to disappear in sensitive skin. Use when is especially sensitive, or dryness is a concern. With a refined petroleum jelly base, it contains orizanol, protects Shores up keeps healthy. Hypoallergenic, perfume free, no artificial color, surfactant paraben (preservative) alcohol (ethanol) free. How to use: at of your care routine,


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Today's Cosme Todays UV Sun Balm Stick Type SPF 50 PA 15g 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Today's Cosme. Easy to apply anytime anywhere. You can remove the balm with your usual facial or body cleansing. UV Sun Balm Stick Type SPF 50 PA Shine The for UV ray protection, skin tone up. stick typed protects ( Face & Body ) strong UV rays, while keeping shiny contained pearl. scent of Lavender. UV 50 PA Fresh UV protection. ( & ) UV rays. of Green Apple. How to use: Pull out 5mm of stick, to directly. To maintain effect, re


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De herbs Oil Controle Acne Hydrating Mask 6 pcs

Brand from Hong Kong: de herbs. Regulate remove oil secretion, minimizes the pores appearance, reduces roughness, preventing spots improves skin's moisture level. Leaves your clean refreshed. How to use: Apply once or twice per week to thoroughly cleansed face. mask on for 10 15 minutes then rinse off with water.


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